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Winter Adventures: Vermont

What a whirlwind 2020 has been so far. To be honest, I don't think anyone would have thought the world would be in such a state of fear, chaos, and unknown when we kicked things off thing year. Throughout the worst of news, there have been brilliant stories of hope and positivity.

We've been enjoying our time at home, and feel very blessed for the roof over our heads and the food in our fridge. The time spent together has been cherished, and we've been trying to stay positive. I look forward to sharing some of the projects we've been up to around the house and garden this year. For today, sharing some stories from our family ski trip to Vermont this past January.

My family has gone skiing at Smugglers Notch in the first week of January almost every year since I was about 5. The last few years, I haven't been able to attend for one reason or another (wedding, puppies- we've been busy!) and sadly I haven't been able to share this place with my husband either. It has been such a big part of shaping my childhood, and such a constant throughout my life, it felt very special to share it with him and my parents this year. And the conditions were absolutely perfect! Sorely missed the company of my sister and her family - but hopefully we can look forward to more ski trips in years to come.

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