• Natalie

Quarantine Blues

It's been almost three months since we entered quarantine for the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. It's crazy the range of emotions felt over this time, the first week was naive excitement for being at home, the second week was sheer panic and a mass deep cleaning of the whole house, the third week I ordered a chicken coop, the forth week I tried unsuccessfully to cancel that order, and so on and so forth.

Feelings have ranged from hopelessness to gratitude, from loneliness to emotional exhaustion after a day of virtual meetings. Disappointment in cancelled plans to being thankful that we are minimally affected, given everything.

It is in the little things at home that we now find the most joy- watching a cardinal build a nest inconveniently in our hydrangea tree, watching the pollinators flock to the alliums in bloom, finally mastering a bread recipe after 5 tries.

And the climbing roses in full bloom. Happy to share some pics from our garden, hoping to bring a little bit of light in a dark time.

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