• Natalie

New York, NY

When I imagine my perfect getaway, often New York City is usually the opposite of my ideal. Noisy, smelly, and crowded.. with no greenery in sight from most views. But for some reason, NYC always has some air of excitement and adventure that keeps me wanting to come back.

My husband and I had the opportunity to visit for two days. A short trip made shorter by sitting in an extra two hours of traffic on our way in, but we ended up having a fabulous time. We had concrete plans to visit the Met the morning of the first morning and the AKC Museum of the Dog the second morning- other than that we played it by ear and made plans on a whim, which ended up being the perfect way to go. Our impromptu plans included a slice of pizza and a shared beer at Eataly, gelato in Bryant Park, people watching on a rock in Central Park, and a late night candy run to FAO Schwarz.

Not gonna lie, I was excited to get back home to my suburban oasis, but I think the getaway was time well spent.

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