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Keep Calm & Carrot On

I never thought of myself as a gardener before we moved into our house.

Keeping my houseplant alive was a miracle in and of itself, but an entire yard? That was ambitious.

However, the second we unpacked our furniture, I began scoping out a little patch of mulch as the future site of a vegetable garden.

It was a mess

Admittedly, we did have to do a considerable amount of weeding after we discovered that the pretty blue flower that was slowly taking over was not a perennial, but was actually a heavily invasive weed (finally ID'd as Asiatic Dayflower.. who knew?)

But after that we began the overhaul of the mulch area into a little potager/cutting garden of my dreams. See dream garden pinterest page for lofty out of reach #goals I'll forever judge my own garden against.

Ignore the ratchet missing fence topper- thanking that to a tornado watch shortly after we moved in!

Easier said than done.

My husband built me these beautiful wooden garden boxes, and was kind enough to fill them with soil (even accomplished this while I was out of town at a dog show - what a gem!). I did line them with landscaping fabric first, to try and make it as airtight as possible.

After a little mapping and planning, we planted the seeds and waited for them to grow!

Had some ups and downs, but I was pretty proud of this crop of veggies. Note to self - writing down the day you plant makes it MUCH easier to count how many days to harvest.

You leave and you learn- getting ready to swap the garden beds out with fall crops, but until those little buggers bloom - salad, anyone?

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