• Natalie

In Bloom

Planting tulip bulbs was a labor of love. Watching my YouTube Garden Guru seamlessly drill thousands of holes and plop her tulips in without struggle seemed like something I could certainly manage, so I took the plunge and ordered 300 (no, no typo there) tulip bulbs and excitedly planned how I was going to space them out to plant.

I didn't think through that the roots from our cherry tree made it nearly impossible to drill down as recommended by the instructions on the bulb container, or how confusing it gets to evenly space 300+ tiny holes in an oblong circular plot.

But, alas, we carried on, threw our tulips into the holes we painstakingly dug, and kept our fingers crossed for the best come spring.

And boy did they deliver.

I honestly didn't know how spectacular of a show they would give until just this week, I underestimated several times when "peak bloom" actually was. We bought 300 "Purple Passion" bulbs from Dutch Grown, and the combination of rich purple in juxtaposition against the stark white flowers with purple accents was stunning.

Even a stem that was ripped off managed to survive and thrive in a vase on my desk.

Will I be digging 300+ flowers again come fall? Only time will tell.

xox, N

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