• Natalie

Holiday Spirit

Throughout college, Christmas was usually met with anxiety and frantic holiday shopping as I tried to last minute scramble for gifts after the craziness of finals as a science major. Over time, I found that early present shopping and wrapping let me actually enjoy the spirit of the holidays without the stress!

Of course, buying our own home gave us the opportunity to bring more stress upon ourselves by offering to host Christmas Day dinner. After a few bumps in the road, including thinking for a few minutes that our dog was about to deliver puppies, our first holiday season in our new home and as a married couple was a great success. We loved joining out family and friends and creating a feast reminded me how much I love cooking. New traditions started, such as a successful buche de noel (yule log), and trying my hand at decorating our new home made it all the more special.

Now to convince my husband to sign up for this next year...

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