• Natalie

Art in the Country

Let me backup for a minute to our trip out to Virginia Hunt Country.

St. Bride's farm was definitely not on the list of must stops. "The List" being primarily comprised of places I had heard about before, or just thought had cool sounding names.

St. Bride's happened to be en route to another place, and since we were about 20 minutes ahead of schedule, I figure we may as well "drop in".

This property blew me away.

It was gorgeous in every way, beautiful horses, beautiful architecture, even beautiful grass.

The most unique part about the farm were the huge sculptured scattered among the countryside.

What seemed to be a serene view of the blue ridge mountains, all of a sudden was obstructed by a contemporary modern statue of... Rabbits? And I loved it. It was so unexpected and interesting, and juxtaposed so perfectly with the surroundings.

The highlights coming in as you drove out of the property - a scenic route that took you around the main house and through the woods.

Complete with a building sized clothespin, pinching the perfect green meadows as if it was a pair of clean laundry hanging out to dry.

What an amazing experience at St. Bride's farm - needless to say, we ditched the rest of the itinerary to enjoy St. Bride's to its fullest.

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